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There is more.

You’ve searched the internet with “beyond the steps.” You’ve tried “outside the rooms,” “long-term sobriety,” and “stay sober without a sponsor?” I’ve done the same thing.

What were we looking for?

The program worked for me. I cried at my first meeting as fear, shame, and relief all at once rushed through my body. There were more tears as I continued. There was also near-manic happiness, new discoveries, and a sense of belonging. I followed suggestions and I stayed away from drinking. I’ve had sponsors, been a sponsor, and reached out to newcomers. I embraced the culture of making coffee, working the steps, and reading the literature. Until I didn’t.

Other forms of personal development began to make more sense to me as I grew up and brought my sober self to the world. Attending meetings often cued me to step into an outdated version of myself—one that felt like I was wearing the same clothing, hairstyle, and persona that marked my first few years. I couldn’t shake it.

It Gets Better

One program no longer holds every answer for me. With decades alcohol-free, recovery—for me—has become well-being. I want to spend my life wisely. I want to thrive.

What do you wish for?

I welcome work with people in recovery who have a footing in sobriety and want to pursue further personal growth. I use deep listening, facilitation, and coaching to support you in hearing your inner guidance.

You can trust yourself. Thrilling opportunities await.

Are We Different?

This is my observation: Living through an active addiction can bring about a certain strength, humor, and appreciation of the human condition.

This is useful as we learn to maintain our balance, to know ourselves, and find our place in the world. Programs, sponsors, recovery coaching, and therapy are useful tools; life coaching (such as I offer) is another. All have their place.

Moving Forward

You carry wisdom. You are whole and unique. Isn’t it time to bring your full potential to life?