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Find your way.

Use any combination of personal coaching, workshops, and Mindful Outdoor Experiences to move toward your preferred future.

Whole Person Coaching®

This forward-focused process ignites change. The work is to define and create your preferred future—to build an on-purpose life. Wholeness, empowerment, synergy, and self-mastery guide the way.

One-to-one sessions are online and conversational. Thoughtful questions and careful reflection by me are meant to increase clarity and build momentum for you. Coaching is client-centered and holistic. Life coaching is different than therapy.

Coaching Packages

  • Enquiry
    Is personal coaching right for you? Are we a good match? What questions do you have? Schedule a thirty-minute consult.
    No cost, no obligation
  • Exploration
    In three one-hour sessions in we use the Web of Life and a Values Ranking to orient you to your inner and outer landscape. Vision Into Action points you in the direction of a preferred future and defines your first steps on that path.
    $280 for three hour-long sessions.
  • Emergence
    The path we choose rarely follows a straight line. There are ups and downs, surprises along the way, and adjustments to the course. Let’s uncover that innovative and well-resourced force inside of you; she’s ready to make her way.
    $950 for ten hour-long sessions ($115 for singly scheduled hour)
  • The Spatial Special
    Sometimes a space we occupy isn’t serving us well; this provides an excellent opportunity for a rethinking and fresh start. Let’s clear up that room, shed, closet, etc.
    $250 for two one-hour sessions followed by one half-hour
“Thank you very much for helping us create a clear path to our goals!” said one participant in Staying the Course, offered March 2022. Comments from other workshops include: THANK YOU FOR A GREAT CLASS!, Inspiring and educational, and What a great course, I could use one a week!


Group work can expand perspective, create connection, and build trust. Consider exploring together the ideas of setting goals, finding purpose, or defining priorities. Workshops can be custom-made, in-person or virtual.
Pricing available on request.

Mindful Outdoor Experiences

Venture into the woods to gain inspiration from the living earth. This is a quiet experience with Susan acting as your guide. Read more about the Experiences or add your name to the mailing list.

Gift certificates and sliding scale available for all products.

Current Situation

I am not taking new clients at this time. Use this form to contact me if you’d like to know when that changes.