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Is This for You?

Are you interested in spending time with other women our age? Are you looking for a relaxed group you might join?

Would you like to:

  • visit/chat/hang out
  • meet new people
  • share an experience?

Maybe you’d like:

  • a chance to get out of the house
  • a reason to put on an outfit you love
  • a way to break up your routine.

These are all the reasons I’m putting together The Gatherings.

Finding Connection

You know what happens when you’re with people who get you. It warms your heart, allows you to feel seen and heard, and reminds you of your humanity. It can allow you to relax. To be yourself.

How do you feel when you look for this in the wrong places? Maybe belittled, silly, or useless. Disconnected. That’s not what we want!

Making It Easy

Wouldn’t it be great to have a series of connective meet-ups throughout the year where almost all you have to do is show up?

You just might:

  • meet a new friend
  • renew a relationship with an old friend
  • feel less alone, or
  • make this a part of your self-care.

More About It

The Gatherings are informal get-togethers for women of, well … a certain age.

What age? There’s no hard and fast rule. You’re not young, and you’re not old. You’ve lived a life, won and lost, worked hard and played hard. You’ve seen some things and you know some stuff. You feel settled in all of that. You’re also aware there is more ahead of you—even if you don’t know what that is.

We’ll meet five or six times a year for two to three hours in a number of different venues in Central Vermont, beginning March 30, 2024. We might share a meal, an experience, or a discussion. Maybe a little bit of all that.

The events are for fun and connection. Sometimes, you’ll be asked to bring food to share. We’ll all pitch in for the cost of the (affordable but suitable) meeting space. Other than that, there’s nothing you have to know, to be ready to do, or to prepare for.

It will never be a big deal; just come as the amazing human you are.

Join In!

If you’ve found your way to this page, The Gatherings are probably for you.

But to get the specifics, you’ll need to join this (e)mailing list.

There is absolutely no obligation in signing up for the info. You’ll get the details and be able to decide from there if you’d like to attend. And I won’t send you a bunch of other stuff or share your information. That’s a promise.

Still Wondering?

Send me an email. I’m happy to answer any questions that you have.